As the Candidate for Councillor,  I wish to post my campaign  activities on a daily format.  Please find my campaign activities in the 10 communities of Ward 3.


As your Candidate for Councilor for Ward 3, I have a concern for community security, acts of violence, road safety, bikes, pedestrian safety, crime and personal security and property as it effects the residents of Ward 3.

As Councilor for Ward 3, I will not support any action to DEFUND the Police, but work to ensure adequate financial funding be it for Police, Fire Fighters, Medical Services City Emergency Officials and By-law Officers.

The voters of the City of Calgary’s safety are paramount and all First Responders must be supported with proper financial funding, services and staff.



Vote Kumar Sharma , October 18, 2021


Kumar Sharma
Ward 3 

As your Councillor for Ward 3 during my Door knocking throughout the ten (10) Communities , my priorities will be to address my daily corporate responsibilities as YOUR new Councillor for “YOU” the Residents.

I will ensure transparency, accountability and will continue to address 311 issues as presented by residents, focusing on a street action plan during snow emergencies. The City of Calgary needs a snow action pan with the necessary budget, adequate snow removal equipment, supplies and a dedicated work force to undertake all forms of snow emergency.

To ensure safety and the proper movement of traffic during a snow event, it is important that road conditions for safety are followed and that the road system across Calgary and in Ward 3 is up to the highest standard of maintenance .

I will be of service to You. “MY PLEDGE”

Kumar Sharma
Ward 3

Candidate for Ward 3, Kumar Sharma has detailed one of his major campaign themes as a Tax Policy seeking equity and fairness as Financial Accountability and Maximizing Expenditures.

Financial Accountability  means cutting down wasteful spending, maximizing expenditures and freezing taxation is just the beginning. Begin, with controlled spending leads with the ability to place more financial  investments into our community infrastructure and City core services.

I believe a “tax freeze” can be implemented without reductions without the threat of City Core services being reduced.

City Administration has accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars in reserves generated from surplus tax revenues .

Transparency at 2021 Budget discussions must be transparent, accountable and to outline in greater detail how we hold the tax line, move forward as a City and work to improve our economic and future development and growth in the City of Calgary .

“Let’s create change”, at City Hall

Kumar Sharma


Ward 3

Kumar Sharma, Candidate for City Council for Ward 3 was encouraged by the statement expressed by the Hon. Michelle Rempel Garner of the Conservative Party of Canada and George Chahal of the Liberal Party of Canada during the recent Federal Election.

Both candidates expressed financial support in the areas of Transportation policy, Public Transit and the funding and early construction of the Green Line LRT to support North Calgary.

Kumar Sharma, seeking to be the elected Councillor in Ward 3, once elected as Councillor will work hand in hand with the elected Members of Parliament of Calgary Nose Hill and Calgary Skyview to bring about the necessary funds and work program to complete the Green Line LRT.

This is an example of the all levels of Government working for the voters in North Calgary and working to bring about financial funding for public transit and a show of support for public transit infrastructure to connect our City communities.

I, support as your future elected Councillor for Ward 3, projects that will create jobs in the community that have seen economic hardships and ensure this Project leads to a strong recovery for residents of North Calgary and across our City of Calgary

Let’s create change and improve the quality of life for Ward 3 and the City of Calgary


Kumar Sharma
Ward 3

The notion of good government is based on corporate governance, accountability, transparency, financial stability and the exercise of Leadership “to serve”.

I, choose to run for City Council for Ward 3 on five policy principles:

  1. Jobs and the economy
  2. Building strong communities
  3. Creating critical community infrastructure
  4. An equitable City of Calgary Tax policy
  5. Financial accountability & maximizing expenditures.

In my door knocking over the past few months a number of Ward 3 needs have been identified by the Voters at the door. Voters have concerns as to taxation, in the form of business and property taxes, the lack of proper gathering spaces or emergency medical and diagnostic services.

The issue of the deferral of the Green Line LRT well into the future is of major concern to many residents. Transportation, public transit, snow clearing also continues to be of concerns.

My first priority should I be elected is to put forth my candidacy to be chairmen of the City of Calgary Council, Committee on Transportation and Priorities.

Please vote for Kumar Sharma on October 18, 2021


Kumar Sharma


Ward 3

The Political Action Committees (PAC) or TPA entitled Calgary’s Future/Calgarians for a Progressive Future; this TPA is primary funded by several of the major unions that represent city workers. The Amalgamated Transit Union Local 583, CUPE Local 37 and CUPE Local 38 and   The Calgary District Council have all come together to participate in this registered TPA.


Presently a full slate of candidates are endorsed by the City unions using a $2 Million political slush fund to influence the 2021 Civic Election.


In Ward 3, Jasmine Mian is a Candidate endorsed by the TPA, Calgary’s Future.


Are the Unions attempting to use this $2Million slush fund to influence or buy democracy?


What type of support in the form of financial, in kind service or campaign activities is she receiving ?


Has Jasmine Mian exchanged promises of no layoffs for the upcoming term or ensuring that City Administration will not place “for sale” City Core Services to the private sector, or a promise of wage increases and /or benefits increases for the upcoming Council term?


Candidates for Civic elections are dis-advantaged raising funds when certain candidates have access to Unions with Unlimited financial resources.


Democracy in Ward 3 is not for sale


Ward 3 residents expect and demand unfetttered representation


Kumar Sharma


During this campaign the issue of the environment has raised numerous questions, ranging from climate change, to green space, to clean air, open spaces, pathways and future development within Ward 3.

The open space on the east side of ward 3 and west of Deerfoot Trail is of great interest for future development.

Government at all levels are sensitive to the environment.

In summary: “The City of Calgary Environmental Policy”

Working together to conserve, protect and enhance the environment.

  • Comply with legislation
  • Conserve resources and prevent pollution
  • Continually improve, our environmental performance

The City of Calgary recognizes climate change has implication for our City both now and in the future”

The City of Calgary is committed to achieving Community Environmental Sustainability

Information taken from City of Calgary Website on the Environment Policy.

As your future City Councillor for Ward 3, I will work within present policy frameworks and drive to meet environmental goals and contribute to community sustainability.

To that end, I will work to improve the quality of and sustainability of our Ward 3 playgrounds, with proper maintenance, for updated equipment and services.

Ward 3 pathways need proper maintenance along with upgrades and extensions of the pathways. I would like to see more bench’s waste bins, solar powered lighting at key locations along the pathway right of way for personal security and safety.

As a dog owner, I would like to increase both off-leash and on-leash areas for our Family pets.

Ward 3, Communities are established neighbours; however, I view the green space west of Deerfoot Trail along the border of Ward 3 communities as prime for development of open green spaces, recreational opportunities for families and community gardens. I wish establishment to gain City Services for example social, medical, library or recreational. I would also support additional; development in the areas of social gathering for family restaurants, social and cultural events and National holiday

Let’s build Ward 3 for the future

Please vote Kumar Sharma on October 18, 2021

“A passion to serve , Lets create change at City Hall”

Kumar Sharma

Candidate Ward 3

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