As your elected representative for Ward 3 in Calgary City Council, I will take on several roles to the best of my abilities. I will be your liaison to the City of Calgary.

I will provide a fair and balanced representation for individuals, the community, and the City of Calgary. My personal experiences, maturity, and direct involvement in the community will be key to decision-making, especially when dealing with challenging issues that require a measured response that takes into account the wants of individuals and the needs of the entire community. As a City Councillor, I understand that I will be asked to evaluate many different aspects of life in the city. I will utilize the same approach that I have as a community leader for the last 20 years; first to listen, then to respond with ideas that meet Calgarian’s immediate needs while keeping the city’s future growth bright.


Individuals and businesses alike are facing incredible stress over increasing taxes at all levels of government. Specifically, regular concern from residents is expressed surrounding increasing property taxes and business taxes. Calgary faces a very serious financial and economic situation so care must be taken to ensure that taxes do not continue to increase.


Jobs And The Economy

Calgary is experiencing a serious economic situation and continues to have some of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Policies and initiatives must be pursued in order to create a stable market for job creators and small businesses to succeed.

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Critical Community Infrastructure

Ward 3 requires serious support to connect its communities with other parts of Calgary and to help create vibrant, diverse and livable places for people to live and work. There is a high need for transit infrastructure, including the north leg of the Green Line. There is also a need for new community infrastructure such as meeting and gathering space, green spaces, schools and healthcare facilities .


Residents of Ward 3 are concerned about the increased spending at City Hall, but, do not want to see drastic or dramatic cuts that will harm vulnerable people, diminish services, or slow our economic recovery. Strategic spending cuts or freezes should be investigated and considered in an attempt to help bring spending back in line with what the public desires.

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Building Community

Building strong communities means helping those who need it most, ensuring that everyone feels included, and putting policies in place that allows everyone the opportunity to succeed. Ward 3 is very diverse, both in age and culture. Looking for ways to build strong and inclusive communities must be a priority.

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